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Capacity turn-out for inaugural Dublin-based economic support organisation to boost Limerick’s resurgence

Publish Date: Monday 21st November 2016

- Over 250 attend Capital Limerick function at Marker Hotel.

A capacity attendance of over 250 people at today’s inaugural Capital Limerick business luncheon in Dublin’s Marker Hotel were told of the renewed economic vibrancy and business confidence in the city by a panel comprising Limerick natives, Trish Long, Vice President and General Manager of Disney, Ireland, and John Moran, Board Member of the European Investment Bank and former Secretary General of the Department of Finance. Prof Desmond Fitzgerald, incoming President Designate of the University of Limerick, was also on the panel.

The Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Deputy Patrick O’Donovan, gave the opening address: “This is the first of its kind and an exceptional initiative by Limerick people based in Dublin to harness the goodwill that is there for our home place. Limerick people have always excelled at being leaders in all sectors - business, finance, political, sporting and commercial – and the cross section of people involved in this is tremendous to see”, he said.

“There can be a real tangible benefit to Limerick from this Capital Limerick is about bringing Limerick professionals based in Dublin to network together and promote their home place. Today, we can see the emerging potential of what I am sure will be a very influential and successful group. Limerick can only benefit from such a unique endeavour. There is an opportunity here to sell and promote Limerick particularly with the recent prosperous changing circumstances.

“Our local authorities have come together and all are working for the future prosperity of Limerick. In recent months, it has been hard to keep pace with the job announcements in Limerick so an initiative like Capital Limerick will keep this and most of all, Limerick, to the forefront of everybody’s minds in Dublin.”

John Moran, former Secretary General of the Department of Finance, Patrick O'Donovan, Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Trish Long, Vice President and General Manager of Disney, Ireland and former Justice Minister Des O’Malley at the Marker Hotel, Dublin for the inaugural Capital Limerick event. Photo: Sean Curtin / True Media 


Welcoming the guests, Capital Limerick spokesperson and founder, Ms. Clair Hayes, an associate solicitor in commercial law firm Matheson, says the group wants to promote and drive the commercial and socio-cultural profile of Limerick: “Limerick has it all: superb schools and colleges, world class sports facilities, an international reputation for sport and equine bloodstock, a beautiful rural countryside, unrivalled agriculture and food sector, state-of-the-art technology and communications companies, global connectivity through ports and Shannon Airport, first-class retail sectors spread throughout the city and suburbs, a thriving cultural community and heritage. And - best of all - we have a unique pride in what we are, where we’re from and what we can achieve”.

“Limerick’s greatest era is to come. Capital Limerick is about mobilising those of us based in Dublin who are united around that aim and seeing how we can help and get involved in the recovery and resurgence that is already visible.”

Ms. Trish Long, Vice President and General Manager of Disney, Ireland, said: “As somebody who has always been proud of my roots and hailing from Limerick, it is great to feel the energy and enthusiasm in the room today for the Capital Limerick Project. Limerick is a truly wonderful city with incredible people and initiatives like this are vital as they further link us together. The purpose of this gathering has already been realised in many ways because of the connections made, the creative energy harnessed and the new potential opportunities opening up for Limerick through the collaboration of everyone involved. I look forward to seeing this leveraged further to the benefit of Limerick and all its people”

Mr. John Moran said: “Limerick is on the move. It is now increasingly recognised as a fun ‘glocal’ city. ‘Glocal’ is the new description of desirable urban cities that have a global outlook and connections but yet a local feel. In that sense Limerick is offering a compelling alternative to Dublin for quality of life, opportunity and community. 

“I congratulate the Capital Limerick team for their idea to facilitate fans of Limerick to get together here in Dublin. It will help shine a light on the transformation of the Limerick region and harness goodwill and practical support for organisations working on the ground there to make life better for all of its inhabitants”. 

The closing remarks at the event were fittingly made by one of Limerick’s most outstanding public figures, Des O’Malley, former Leader of the Progressive Democrats; a person who brought major economic investment to Limerick when he was Minister for Industry and Commerce in successive Governments in the 1980s and 1990s.

Capital Limerick wants to build on the momentum that is gathering around Limerick’s resurgence, and the group is reaching out to the thousands of Limerick people living, working and achieving at the highest levels in Dublin, and who want to see their home place ‘front and centre’ of Ireland’s economic, social and cultural landscape.

All proceeds from the inaugural Capital Limerick lunch, and subsequent activities, the proceeds will be invested in Limerick-based community and charitable projects.

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