Grow Remote Programme

April & May
  • Grow Remote

Grow Remote seeks new Limerick natives to join their non-profit work in making remote work a reality in Limerick.

In 2018, Grow Remote made public our kit for building local communities of remote workers, with over 130 people now taking part. The new onboarding programme for local community leaders will see candidates join a group of people who are interested in using remote work (employment) as a way to help their local communities. The course is free, with part self paced and part live sessions.

Together, we'll learn how to:

Facilitate meetups and events where local remote workers can gather

Attract remote workers to your community to re-locate

Help local people get employed remotely

Local leaders are a critical part of how we can make remote work normal. There are 55,000 (salaired, pensionable) remote jobs open in Limerick today, but as there is no middle man, or business model for anyone to advertise them locally, we never hear of them.

At Grow Remote, we educate one 'chapter' lead who in turn educates their local community. Together, everyone should have access to good employment no matter where they are.

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