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Dalton Greene, owner of Rift Coffee

Only in its second week of business, Rift Coffee is already causing a stir on the local dining scene in Limerick.

Their concept is to provide quality coffee and products.

“We are the only business in Limerick truly focused on providing specialty coffee. We are skilled in this area and want to expand our offering and education around it,” said owner Dalton Greene.

Located in Canteen’s previous premises, following their relocation to Catherine Street, Limerick’s café offering continues to grow.

“I started off in coffee as an enthusiast and it was a hobby,” explained Dalton.

“I learned all I could about coffee and equipment and began experimenting. I later got barista training which led to me becoming a barista trainer. I worked for Coffee Culture as a trainer and consultant providing support and brand development. I continued my own research and developed my skills in the areas that interested me most and invested in my own equipment and training.

Watch Dalton in action from his previous role as head barista in Canteen.


“I began competing in national competitions in the form of the Irish Barista Championships, the Irish Brewers Championship and Aeropress Championship.

“I worked in Canteen as head barista and later in a managerial role. I worked to help improve the coffee offering and learned more about the industry."

Offering advice to others who might be considering starting their own business, Dalton said: To be honest I do not know if there is a right time to start a business. I had come to a point where planning and preparations needed action or my vision would not come to fruition. If you have been thinking about doing it for some time and believe in it, do it. The perfect time will not come you just have to jump.”

Limerick’s business community offers support to start-ups and budding entrepreneurs.

“I worked with sign artist Tom Collins and other local business people. Limerick is amazing and the support and help I have received has really been humbling. I am very grateful and I am looking forward to collaborating with others,” concluded Dalton.

You can find Rift Coffee on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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