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DUO is an exciting new retail and coffee shop in Limerick City focusing on local, Irish, environmentally friendly products.

Owner Paul Ryan details how DUO originated: “The idea stemmed from two of my passions, coffee and art, which I wanted to combine to create a shopping experience Limerick has not seen before.

“Focusing on well-made products from local artists, with a big emphasis on self-care and wellness, the shop is somewhere to make your house a sanctuary and ultimately a home.”

DUO is stocked with Irish producers and all packaging is compostable and environmentally friendly, from the coffee cups to the bin liners in an effort to reduce waste. Paul aims to be as inclusive as possible with a selection of gluten free and vegan options on the menu.

DUO is located on Denmark Street, an area chosen for a number of reasons.

“I chose the location for a number of reasons,” said Paul. “Firstly Denmark Street is just off of Cruises Street, a busy shopping area, the building is also a part of the main Cruises Street car park so there is a constant flow of people passing by. With plans for the new Opera Site just the next street over it was all the more enticing. I feel that Denmark Street is at the heart of these exciting new ventures making it an ideal location for a new start up,” explained Paul.

DUO Limerick exterior

Paul credits the people of Limerick for making the store a success.

“The reaction has been amazing, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive since I have opened. There has been a steady pace of customers, which is growing day by day and with the help of social media and word of mouth DUO is beginning to make a name for itself in Limerick.

“There is a tight knit community of people who are always supporting the business encouraging me to grow, whether that be my suppliers or customers, everybody looks out for each other, wanting only the greatest success for DUO.”

Opening a coffee shop/retail space naturally progressed from Paul’s keen interest in coffee.

“The idea of having my own business and being able to work for myself was something I was really passionate about and strived towards. I’m a big follower of all the local markets and it is how I have found most of my suppliers, it was really important for me to build relationships with the people who stock the shop.”

Paul concluded: “In the past few years I have seen Limerick flourish with the introduction of more independent shops and businesses, making Limerick more of a destination for both the hospitality and retail sectors. There is a greater emphasis on creativity and supporting local people and businesses, with that only continuing to grow along with Limerick and all of its new and exciting developments.”

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