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  • Copia Green, Limerick
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Copia Green is a new, innovative, health-driven eatery in Castletroy, Limerick serving inspiring, vibrant, sweet and savoury dishes bursting with flavour and nourishing in nutrients.

Copia Green is the brainchild of Limerick restaurateur Pat O’Sullivan, managing director of Masterchefs Hospitality Group. In opening Copia Green, we wanted to bring nourishing health food to the high street in a zero waste and sustainable environment. A first for Limerick!

“Our commitment to sustainability is conscious in every business decision we make along the consumption life-cycle; what we choose, purchase, consume and discard. We are purposefully creating an impact that lasts and redefining what an eatery can be.”

Pat O' Sullivan, Copia Green
Pat O'Sullivan, managing director of Masterchefs Hospitality Group

To make it onto the Copia Green menu, each ingredient needs to be either Irish, organic, seasonal or sustainable.

“We aim to use 75% organic and Irish produce throughout the year. All of our dishes are influenced by the seasons, focusing on a plant-based lifestyle with menus designed to cater for organic carnivores, vegans and everyone in between. Our meat is sourced from organic Irish farmers, our fish is sustainably caught, and we only use organic Irish eggs and dairy. There is no use of refined oils/sugars/flours, hydrogenated fats, additives or preservatives in any of our dishes and we don’t cook with butter,” explained Pat.

“There is a real appetite locally for our food and what we stand for as a business. We’ve lost count of the amount of people who have said “I didn’t know healthy food could taste so good!” Clean eating is no longer niche, it has gone mainstream and is being practised by the masses,” said Pat.

Copia Green, Limerick

Leading independent publication Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide has been very complimentary, saying “a move towards healthy, seasonal, nourishing food is long overdue, and Copia Green are leading the way in Limerick.”

The food scene in Limerick is definitely on the rise both in terms of new places to eat and the amazing produce that is now available from local farmers and growers. This makes it a very exciting time for us to launch a new restaurant concept like Copia Green. Diners in Limerick are getting more and more adventurous in terms of flavour and trying new cuisines, meaning that there is a lot more scope for restaurants in the city to broaden their menus and for new concepts to thrive. We’re finding that diners are paying a lot more attention to what it is they are eating and where their food comes from. The transparency that our menu offers is something that people are really buying into,” concluded Pat.

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