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  • Inside Alex Findlater & Co., Limerick

An original and inspirational new resource for food and wine lovers has opened in Limerick.

The Limerick Savoy collection joined forces with Findlater & Co., the general grocers and wine merchants brand with a rich and storied heritage dating back to 1823, to create the vibrant new Alex Findlater & Co. Food & Wine Hall.

The impressive 18,000 sq. ft. food and wine hall is located on the ground floor of The George Boutique Hotel, in the heart of the Limerick’s shopping and restaurant district.

Alex Findlater & Co. Food & Wine Hall is the first of its kind in the city and the first in what the partnership hopes will be a strong new Irish retail presence, with potential other sites being looked at around the country.

Inside Alex Findlater & Co., Limerick

The seriously substantial Food & Wine Hall opened in March 2018 and includes a lavish oyster and seafood bar, an upmarket food area, The Grill Room, and a fantastic selection of over 300 wines from across the globe showcased at the handsome purpose-built wine theatre, employing over 50 staff members.

Bringing a lush new layer of luxury and creating a stylish new drinking and dining destination in the city centre, the Alex Findlater & Co. Food & Wine Hall adds buzz and excitement to Limerick’s vibrant city centre.

Petrina Meskell, Marketing Director at Alex Findlater & Co. is delighted with the response so far. “The restaurants have been packed. We are in a unique position in being able to offer 300 wines from our own wine shop straight to your table at no extra charge. Since we began our new offering we are getting calls from all over the globe enquiring as to what we are doing and how it works. It is a paradigm shift in how we will enjoy wine in restaurants in the future and it all started in Limerick! All our customers are loving it and have been enjoying wines at half normal restaurant prices!”

Inside Alex Findlater & Co., Limerick

They were recently awarded the maximum four stars by the Sunday Business Post internationally renowned wine expert, Tomas Clancy MW, who said the “wine offering at Alex Findlater & Co. in Limerick is probably the most innovative in the Irish hospitality industry in decades and promises to shake up restaurant wine pricing for ever”.

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