Introducing Orion by Ripplecom: new product developed in Limerick protects crucial uptime

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With the unveiling of new product, Orion, Raheen-based telecommunications company Ripplecom is promising to keep companies connected, even when the internet goes down.

Call for back-up:

Ripplecom delivers Data, Voice and IT Security services to businesses across Ireland from its headquarters in Raheen. Reliability and maximum availability are top priorities for customers according to Managing Director, John McDonnell, We talk to businesses every day. Most companies have a primary connection that works for them. With so many networked devices and more applications being pushed to the cloud, what they need now is back-up to guarantee they stay ‘always-on’.” To meet this need for resilience, Ripplecom’s in-house engineering team devised Orion; a clever, compact and cost-effective autofailover system.

'Internet as usual'

At its simplest, when a network disruption occurs, Orion quickly switches all devices from a primary to a secondary connection. Orion itself tears down all IP protocols and rebuilds them in milliseconds with no change to internal servers and no action required by the client or their IT provider. Orion’s switch or ‘failover’ is so seamless that users are blissfully unaware that an outage has occurred.

Keep calm and VoIP on

Ripplecom’s conjoined networks are uniquely engineered to continue in the same IP stream. This allows any linked systems or devices – even ongoing VoIP telephone calls- to continue uninterrupted. Crucially, businesses can continue to process card transactions, with segregated ports helping vendors to stay secure and PCI compliant.

Failover, fail back

All critical applications continue to run on the secondary connection for the duration of the outage, automatically switching back to the primary source as soon as it is restored. Ripplecom’s support system remotely monitors both connections and issues a customised report each time Orion is deployed.

Land and air: a better solution for business

For years, larger national and multinational companies have protected themselves against network outages by building wired resilience into their infrastructure. But custom network builds are expensive, time-consuming and beyond the capacity of most enterprises. Not to mention that wired solutions are vulnerable to physical damage, which, when it does occur, can take weeks to repair. Using two diverse paths- one by land and one by air- our engineers created Orion as much more affordable- and functionally superior- alternative for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Get connected; stay connected

Service disruptions and network faults are outside of a business’ control and impossible to predict but, with Orion, owners, managers and IT professionals can relax knowing that, when an outage does occur, their company will stay securely connected and operational.

To find out exactly what is involved in protecting your company’s connection to the outside world, please contact Ripplecom on 061 500250, email or visit

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