Living Costs

People living in Limerick enjoy an excellent quality of life combined with low cost living.

Bedford Row, Limerick

Affordability is a major competitive advantage for Limerick when it comes to attracting and retaining talent and investment.

There are two key aspects to this – our housing costs are lower and we have higher disposable incomes than other counties in Ireland.

Median house prices in Limerick city and county are 18% lower than the national median while rent costs are 15% below the national average. Rents in Limerick county are almost 35% below the national average.

Meanwhile, the latest CSO data shows that Limerick is the only Irish city, apart from Dublin, where disposable incomes are greater than the national average. This means that first time buyers in Limerick are in a relatively stronger position to borrow to buy a house or apartment than their equivalents in other parts of the country.


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