Our Campaign 'Percentages'

Limerick combines edginess with friendliness. Our 'Percentages' campaign is a creative way to quantify these ingredients and make our case for Limerick. We reveal what percentage of any Limerick scenario shows 'edge' versus how much of Limerick’s welcoming side, its 'embrace', is simultaneously on display.

Using the Limerick %

For scenarios

When selecting an image that portrays Limerick, try to think about the balance of Edge and Embrace within it.

Typical examples of Edginess might include references to Limerick’s gritty character, adventure activities, technology, street art scene, fashion or passion. Embrace examples might be human warmth or interaction, luxury, indulgence, food or friendship.

For people

When using the % device with portraits think about the balance of Edge and Embrace in their character, pose or story.


Download our % Adobe Photoshop artwork files here.

Limerick - Atlantic Edge, European Embrace

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