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Draw Out - Urban Exhibitionist

Draw Out - Urban Exhibitionist

Draw Out - Urban Exhibitionist: Street Art located throughout Limerick City

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In a bid to liven up the city’s alleys and thoroughfares, the ambitious ‘Draw Out – Urban Exhibitionists’ project brought street artists from around the world to Limerick during it's memorable year as National City of Culture 2014.

Embracing the fastest growing global art movement of recent years, the Draw Out Project has literally put Limerick city on the global map.

Draw outs vision is that we, as a city, are no longer hindered by consumer focused function but are ambitious enough to create dynamic examples of the highest quality art work that can live 'outside'. We can then begin to relate with the environment in a whole new way, that is refreshing and invigorating.


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Format: 2017-03-23
Format: 2017-03-23