Planning and Property

Planning and Property

About Limerick

An overview of Limerick city and county

Access to Information on the Environment (AIE) Regulations

You are entitled to request access to information on the environment that is held by us. This right comes from Directive 2003/4/EC of...

Animal Control

Pay your Dog Licence, Control of Horses and Control of Dogs.

Annual Report

Limerick City and County Council's Annual Reports

Apply For It

Apply or Search for a Planning Application

Apply for Planning, Weekly Planning Lists, Search for Applications, Planning fees/faq and the List of Site Assessors.


Programmes and Activities, Arts Grants, Open Call for Artists, Limerick Gallery of Art, Arts Strategy, Public Art, Public Awareness on...

Budgets, Expenditure and Financial Statements

Information concerning Budgets and Annual Financial Statements

Building Control

Fire Safety Certs., Building Standards, Disabilty Access Certs., Protected Structures, Dangerous Structures, Event Management and...

Burial Grounds

Limerick City  and County Council's cemeteries are managed  by its Environment Dept, and through its area offices.  

Business and Economy

Business Charges

Online Payments for Commercial Rates and Water, Cash Office Operation and the Rates Re-Valuation Calculation.

Business Licences and Permits

National Waste Colletion Permits information.

Buying a House

Contains Information on Loan Facilities and the Tenant Purchase of Local Authority Houses.


Smarter Travel, Fairtrade Initiatives and Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund.

Casual Trading

Limerick City & County Council supports casual traders to develop new products and markets and to support historic city and county...

Civil Defence

To support the emergency services and to provide community support by promoting, developing and maintaining Civil Defence

Clean Community

Priming Grants, Waste Tyres, Street Cleaning, Tidy Towns, Waste Prevention, Weed Spraying, Gum Removal etc.

Commercial Waste

Registered Retailers for WEEE, Electrical Items and Batteries, and Hazardous Waste.

Community and Leisure

Community Development and Activities

Pride of Place 2014, Allotments, Going for Gold, Intercultural Cities, Age Friendly Programme, Book Clubs etc.

Community Spaces

New Parks, Public Meeting Rooms Management, Public Assembly and PC Training Facilities.

Contact Us

Contact details for our Dooradoyle and Merchant's Quay offices.

Corporate Plan

You can download Limerick City and County Council's Corporate Plans here

Council Meetings

Limerick City and County Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes and Municipal District Meetings.

Council Properties

Locations of Recycling Centres and their Opening Times.

Customer Services

Customer Services Operation

NPPR Collection, Pay Your Rent Online, Central Claims and Insurance Management and Special Requests Library Service

Day out in Limerick

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Development Plans

Contains information on Local Area Plans, County Development Plans and Mid West Area Plans

Education and Learning

Emergency Services

Enterprise Centres and Industrial Parks

Business & Retail Incentive Scheme, Innovate Limerick Ltd. and Innovation Suppoprt Information.


Environment Control

Discharge Licence, Waste Facility Permits, Waste Collection Permits, Solvent Regulations etc.

Events Calendar

This section is currently under construction


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Fire Services

This service covers: Various Licences, Certificates, Schemes, Building Sandards, Fire Service Charges, Dangerous Structures etc

Flooding and Drainage


River Drainage Operation and Flooding Response Information.



Information concerning Public Lighting Operation and Street Cleaning

Freedom of Information

Information on how to apply for information under the Freedom of Information Act

Grant Schemes for Housing

Housing Adaption Grant, Mobility Aids and Housing Grant for Older People.


Information on applying for Higher Education Grants

Grants and Funding

Department of Arts and Heritage Grant, Limerick Arts Office - Funders and Africa Day.

Green Schools

Information concerning Litter and Waste Public Awareness and Green Schools Awareness and Support.

Home Improvements

Contains Grant Application Information and the Home Improvement Loan Scheme

Homeless Accommodation

Information concerning Limerick City and County Council Homeless Services.


Housing Assistance Payment

Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) is a new social housing support. HAP will replace Rent Supplement for those with a long term housing...

Housing Payments

Contains Information on Loan Facilities, the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) and Rent FAQ.

Irish Water

Irish Water is the new national water utility and is now responsible for managing the delivery of water services to homes and businesses...


Information about Positions Available in Limerick City and County Council.

Leasing Private Accommodation

Information for landlords renting private property.


Information Concerning Public Library Services

Limerick Facts and Figures

Some interesting Facts and Figures concerning Limerick.

Limerick Marketing

Limerick Marketing is a stand alone company with its own board that is wholly owned by Limerick City and County Council. 


Litter and Waste Public Awareness and Burning Waste is Illegal.

Major Emergency Management

Management Team

Information on the Operational Structure of Limerick City and County Council

MEM Information

Contains information on: What is Major Emergency, The Structure of MEM and the Seveso II Directive.

Museum and Archives

Museum Services Information and Advice, Archive Service Information and Advice


Natural Heritage

Bio-Diversity, Heritage Plan Preparation and Adoption, Parks and Woodland Management


Press Releases, Procurement / Projects Process, Press Release Archive, Press Office and Message from the Chief Executive.

News and Events


Limerick City & County Council is subject to: Directive 2003/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 November 2003...

Parks and Open Spaces

Limerick in Bloom, Grass Cutting Scheme, Nursery Management, Event Management, Parks & Landscape Operation, Open Space and Estate...

Pay For It

Planning and Property

Public Notices

Public Notices, Water Notices, Current Road Closures and Road Works, Limerick Smarter Travel Routes and SEA Waste Management

Public Transport

Smarter Travel - Limerick is Irelands Smarter travel Demonstration City


Information on the Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan.

Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)

The Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) is a social housing support introduced to cater for the accommodation needs of persons who are in...

Report It

Responding to Tenders

Information on the Tendering Process.

Revenue Collection

Accounts Payable, Motor Tax, Online Payments and Commercial Rates and Water Charge Information.

Road Bye-Laws

Speed Limit Bye-Laws, Taking in Charge of Public Roads, Dangerous Trees / Hedges adjoining Public Roads and Unauthorised Vehicles on...

Road Closures/Road Works

Information concerning Current Road Closures & Road Works in Limerick City and County Council.

Road Licences and Permits

Driver Licensing, Abnormal Load Permits, Road Opening Licenses and Licensing of SKIPs on Public Roads.

Road Maintenance

Road Improvements, Road maintenance, Bridge Maintenance and the Local Improvement Scheme

Road Safety

Cycling Safety Training, School Wardens Operation, Lifesaver Project and Road Safety Education and Awareness

Roads and Travel

Rural Water Programme


Design Build and Operate Project, Rural Water Programme, Group Water Schemes and Grants.


Social Housing

Apply for a Council House, Maintenance of Local Authority Housing, Managing of Council Estates, Housing Grants and Schemes.

Sports and Fitness

Information Concerning Smarter Travel.

Traffic and Parking

On Street Parking, Pay Your Parking Fine Online, Public Car Parks, Payment / Appeals of Parking Fines, Residential Parking and Traffic...

Traveller Accommodation

In addition to generic housing supports, members of the Traveller Community can avail of Traveller specific supports to meet their...

Unauthorised Structures and Derelict Sites

Includes the Planning Enforcement Process and Information on Derelict Sites

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Voting and Elections

Register of Electors, Local Elections, Local Electoral Area Boundary Changes 2013.

Waste and Recycling

Southern Waste Region, Waste Byelaws, Packaging Regulations, Waste Permits, Recycling Centers, Landfill sites etc.

Waste Water

Treatment Plants and Discharge Licences, Importers, Waste Water Capital Schemes and Sewer Connections.

Water and Drainage

Water Safety Development

Limerick City and County Council is responsible for the promotion of water safety and the prevention of the loss of life by drowning...

Water Supply

Drinking Water Quality, Water notices, Water Conservation Capital Schemes, Water Conservation, Water Connections and Treatment Plants...

Your Council

Your Councillors

Information on Elected Members and the Different SPC Groups