Burial Grounds

Limerick City and County Council's cemeteries are managed by the Environment Department and through the area offices


Information on litter, waste and burning waste

Clean Community

Priming Grants, Waste Tyres, Street Cleaning, Tidy Towns, Waste Prevention, Weed Spraying, Gum Removal etc.

Environment Control

Discharge Licence, Waste Facility Permits, Waste Collection Permits, Solvent Regulations etc.

Animal Control

Information including Dogs for Rehoming, Dog Licences and the Control of Horses and Dogs

Natural Heritage

Bio-Diversity, Heritage Plan Preparation and Adoption, Parks and Woodland Management

Waste and Recycling

Southern Waste Region, Waste Byelaws, Packaging Regulations, Waste Permits, Recycling Centers, Landfill sites etc.


Information on Limerick's Fairtrade initiatives and the Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund

Water Safety Development

Information regarding the promotion of water safety